May 16, 2016 - Toronto: Insurance Nexus announce Opta Canadian Insurance Analytics Innovator of the Year and The Co-operators Canadian Insurance Analytics Carrier of the Year at Insurance Analytics Canada 2016.

The Co-operators won the Canadian Insurance Analytics Canada Carrier of the Year Award for their extensive use of analytics in many areas.  In 2015, they enabled self-service and visual analytics through a centralized Business Intelligence reporting portal, they launched a flood research initiative based on external data sources, and started using IoT and telematics data.

Prior to this, analytics successes like a multi-million dollars’ benefits claim predictive project, acted as a catalyst to attaining management buy in and consequently continuous investment in analytics in the organization.  

At the event to receive the Award was Carl Lambert, VP of National P&C Business Intelligence from the Co-operators along with over twenty-five members of his team.

Opta won the the Canadian Insurance Analytics Innovator of the Year Award. Voted in an FC Business Intelligence survey in 2015 as the service provider delivering the future of Canadian insurance, Opta has been recognised for its solutions that are designed to provide a unique approach to risk management.

Opta streamlines operational efficiencies, improves profitability and enhances the customer experience by geo-coded property address risk intelligence. Opta's innovations have already been adopted by many Insurers and continue to reshape the Canadian insurance marketplace.

Greg McCutcheon the President of Opta received the award along with a number of his team. Opta were also sponsors of Insurance Analytics Canada.

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